Q: Can I mix one teaspoon of Moringa powder, one teaspoon of Moringa seed powdered, with Moringa Oil for face mask? and is it safe?

Yes, it is very safe, also the best face mask.

Q: Is Moringa seed good for health?

Yes, It is but Moringa powder & capsule is better than the seed, seed powder if taken cleanses the liver. If you peel the outer shell of moringa seed & consume 2-3 seeds, it clears your kidney.

Q: Is moringa powder sold by you is manufactured using tender Moringa leaf?

Yes 100 %, the only tender leaf is used, the powder will be olive green in color, and many manufacturers mix Moringa seed powder and the powder looks brown & not dark green. Our Moringa powder is 100% organic & USDA certified & non GMO, FDA registered the fresh product.

Q: In one pound of Moringa how many servings are there and how to mix it with food?

After serving your food on the plate take two teaspoon full of powder & sprinkle on the food and mix it well & eat, or mix it with shakes or water, smoothies. One pound container of Moringa powder holds about 70 servings, at 2 teaspoons per serving (our packing are 35 &70 day's supply) sprinkle if you are a first time user of Moringa you need to start out with 1/2 teaspoon for one week, and increase gradually as your body detoxes and cleanses itself. Moringa is one of the most potent and safe foods & loaded with world of vitamin known to mankind, and a very effective detoxing and internal & external cleansing agent.

Q: How many mg of Moringa is in one capsule?

Our capsules are 500 mg; the different manufacturer has different strength of filling.

Q: How many Moringa capsules or powder I take per day?

500 gr capsule take 2 capsules in the morning & 2 capsules in the evening, beginners take 1 capsule in the morning for 15 days and increase it to 2 capsules in the morning & 2 capsules in the evening, gradually your body detox's and cleanse itself.

Q: Can I mix Moringa powder in boiling water or cook it in curries?

Defiantly not, the intense heat will kill the live enzymes, will destroy vitamins, mix it in warm or cold water or sprinkle the powder on already cooked ready to eat warm food.

Q: Is Moringa products can be refrigerated?

Yes, if refrigerated the Moringa powder or capsules will be good for two years, unrefrigerated Moringa kept in dark cool area will be good for one year, Whatever one buys in our air tight packing will lost for 35 to 75 days only , however it is good for one year as the. Nutrient rich, powder or capsule organically grown, Hand Harvested, Naturally Processed by Experts and Packed in airtight bags or containers is good for two years.

Q: Is Moringa vitamin sold manufactured hygienically?

Yes, our suppliers manufacture it in a state of the art facility by Moringa Experts, make sure what you are buying is 100% organic, USDA approved, non GMC, caffeine free, vega product, and our suppliers are trusted exporters for a decade. Our product is grown in South India Moringa's Native Soil. Our Moringa is grown in South India it is highly Potent, direct from manufacturers own Farm to manufacturers facility & reaches direct to your table. Nutrient rich organically grown, Hand Harvested, Naturally Processed by Experts.

Q: How do I know the Moringa I buy is good?

The powder must be Bright Green Color, Very Nicely Powdered, Evenly Textured and Fresh, the product should have 100% organic certification, Non GMO, USDA approved, FDA registered ( powder should not be brown color).

Q: Is moringa cold pressed oil good for facial masks, massages, skin care?

Yes it is highly recommended, it removes wrinkles, lifts sagging skin, remover bags under your eyes, removes dandruff, stops pimples, Anti-aging, Beauty enhancer all natural 100% fragrance-free moringa oil is pure liquid beauty in a bottle, It contains anti-oxidants, mineral and vitamins. moringa oil is meant for those dry, rough patched skin, this oil prevents moisture loss. Leaves skin silky & soft, 100% Pure,100% organic, USDA certified food grade oil, moringa oil comes in 3.4 fl oz bottle, & 1.7 fl.oz bottles, this oil has Anti-aging properties, great for rashes, cuts, burns and insect bites. World's best moisturizer is instantly absorbed into the skin loaded with Antioxidants. Acne is another skin condition that is treated by Moringa oil Indians have used this oil for centuries, it also was used by medicine men, in India to cure 300 dieses for centuries, treat Acne, and face blemishes and rough and dry skin with Moringa oil applied adds gloss to the skin.

Q: Is Moringa tea good for health?

Yes very good, our tea comes in twelve different flavors packed in 28 count bags in a tin since some like loose tea we have loose tea packed in air tight packing, for refreshments, Energy boosting, weight loss, up keep of general health.

Q: Is moringa soap good and can we use on a daily basis?

Yes, you can use it on a daily basis, we have four variety of moringa Soap's for daily use, and body care it is the best and safe soap.

Q: Please let me know what others moringa beauty care products you market?

We market Anti-Aging cream, moringa Virgin Coconut cream, moringa moisturizer, moringa Body Butter, moringa Lotion, moringa Virgin Coconut Oil, moringa Beauty Oil for Daily Care.

Q: Is plain Moringa dried leaves good for preparing tea?

Yes, it is very good for health. Take one cup of warm water & put two teaspoons of Moringa dry leaf; let it sit for 5 minutes in the warm water, strain, and drink. Alternatively, take a clear transparent bottle & put the Moringa dry tealeaf, or powder and add one cup of cold water and keep the bottle in sun light for 6 hours strain and drink (boiling the moringa kills all vitamins).

Q: Can I mix moringa powder with jam or butter or even with smoothies &, food?

Yes, It is the healthiest way of eating moringa.

Q: Since moringa is vegetable can, I add moringa powder in my daily cooking.

No, once you boil the moringa leaf or powder you will be killing all the vitamins present in it, do not put moringa powder in boiling water when you are eating warm food sprinkle the powder on it & eat. Or mix it water or smoothies or mix it with fruits & make a smoothie.

Q: Can I make salads out of moringa dry leaf & other green leafy vegetables?

Yes, that is the best way of taking moringa, sock moringa leaf in water over night & mix it with your salad for 100% results.

Q: How do I make a smoothie with Moringa powder?

Take any fruit, greens or green vegetables of your choice blend it in a mixer with one cup of water and two teaspoons of Moringa powder & it makes the best health food ever, droop ice cubes in the drink & enjoy it.